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Sworn and non-certified translation and interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, a'vista), the translation service of conferences, meetings, bilateral meetings, a sworn translator of Russian and Ukrainian; translator of English and German, proofreading translations, language training, tutoring, preparing for final exams ; aid in language learning of young people and adults; translation films; courses for tour abroad.

About me - a few words
For nearly twenty years, I have been a professional sworn translator and interpreter of Russian and Ukrainian languages. Being an academic teacher is both my passion and my profession. Together with an undertone of family traditions, my fondness for teaching resulted in work within the aforementioned fields up to this day. Moreover, I continuously enrich my youthful interests by guiding trips, summer camps and tutoring tourist guide courses. For thirty years, I have been faithful to only one company, i.e. Maria Curie Sklodowska University in Lublin. My passion for literature resulted in defending my PhD dissertation on literary studies. However, as Poland faced newrealities in 1989, my enthusiasm was enriched with a thorough and constantly improving interest with translation studies. Nowadays, I combine the everyday translation practice with making both the theoretical and practical knowledge available to my students. Moreover, I am also a lecturer of other various subjects. Although as a translator, I deal most frequently with sworn translation and interpretation, I am also partial to standard translation. The subject matters of my activity include not only legal, socio-political, economic and financial texts, but also documents of legal and natural persons. Apart from dabbling in translations in my peaceful office, I am also frequently hired to interpret conferences, symposia, bilateral meetings, cultural events and performances. In my work, I apply simultaneous, consecutive, a’vista and whispering interpreting. For several years, I have been cooperating with my son, Arkadiusz, working in the same profession, but dealing with English and German languages. Our activities, i.e. a juxtaposition of professional routine and experience with youthful passion and activeness, contribute to the constantly rising number of clients. Those, who have already trusted our skills, still keep in touch with us.

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